The year is 2069. Earth's resources are dwindling. A group of humans has been selected to find other worlds capable of hosting human life. The bravest few will be chosen. These are the Space Bums. What will the Space Bums find on their journey? Will you join them?


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LAUNCH DATE: 12 September 2021. 12pm PST.

After 100% mint we will send 1 lucky Space Bum to space. For real.

Space Bums is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Your Space Bum NFT will be your access pass to the community, future airdrops, and community perks such as voting on who goes to space! Our intent is to build the greatest community in the galaxy and to take Web 3.0 off-planet.


Over ten million Space Bums trait combinations exist. In addition to human Space Bums, extra-planetary creeds and non-carbon based life forms have been spotted flying through the galaxy. Legend has it, some of the animals that were sent to space during the early space missions became friends with these species. Join Space Bums and help discover new worlds! The fate of the planet depends on it.

From the aquatic planet Veponova, Flurrs are a cunning space creed that specialize in exploration and piracy. They first left their mother planet seeking to pilfer and pillage their way through the stars, but forgot their way home. Thought to be one of the oldest creatures in the galaxy.

Having lived underground on Mars for thousands of years, the Martians were forced above ground by Mars warming (due to a terraforming experiment gone wrong). With no vocal cords, Martians communicate through telepathy and written code (for great distance). They are a bit introverted, highly loyal and intelligent.

Developed in Japan in the 2040s, the bots gained conciousness and set out to find a planet of their own. Bots are solar powered and built of nanostructural steel. They are great technologists. They are also insatiably curious, which leads them into interesting, sometimes messy situations…

Not much is known about these wicked beasts except that they prey on Space Bums vessels and have a big appetite.

When space is at its coldest and darkest the Halos appear. They are the friendliest creed and great space explorers. Known for telling very long and slightly boring jokes.

Goal of the Space Mission

  • I) Be the greatest community in the Galaxy – We will let our community decide which planets to visit next, what types of air drops you want, and most importantly, a vote on who will represent Space Bums in a space mission.
  • II) To send someone to space – We will send 1 lucky community member to space once we have sold out from the mint. We need the community to vote on which deserving member will have the opportunity to explore the stars as a Space Bum.
  • III) Explore new planets and ecosystems through partnerships and development of the Space Bums galaxy – We will keep building out our galaxy as we explore new frontiers and intend on groundbreaking collaborations with other NFT projects and Web3 developers.


Once we complete our sale of Space Bums, we will open our submission process for applications to be reviewed and potentially selected as a short list of Space Bums NFT holders to vote on who should go to space. We will reserve the equivalent of one ticket to space via Virgin Galactic (e.g. $450,000) from the sale of the NFTs to fund this project. Each NFT holder will be assigned one vote. To prevent abuse, we will allow a maximum of 1 vote per wallet.


We're in this for the long run. Our ultimate objectives are to empower our community and send someone to space.

25% of Mint

Space Bums Radio launched - songs to listen to in space.

50% of Mint

Space Bums Capsule launched - a place for crew members to kick back and talk about space stuff. Oh and more dope art.

75% of Mint

Community votes take place to decide which planet Space Bums should visit next; discover new species and get exclusive access to space NFTs.

100% of Mint

Community bands together to send 1 lucky Space Bum to space. For Real.


Will there be other Space Bums characters in the future? Yes! Launch is just the first milestone. We intend to build a flywheel with other Space Bums creatures to grow the community and drive value to the initial Space Bums holders. Space Bums can select which planet we should visit next. This determines the creed of future drops. We aim to make crypto history and be the first NFT community in space.

Contract address: TBD

Space Bums are a collection of 10,000 unique NFT collectibles. These digital collectibles have left earth to live in the Sol-ar system.

Upon launch date you will be able to mint Space Bums from our website for a fixed price of 6 SOL each + gas. They will be random. When they sell out they will be available to trade on the secondary market solanart.

The Space Bum team will pay your deposit for the Virgin Galactic waitlist. When seats become available on the Virgin Galactic One Small Step program the team will use the community fund to pay for your flight to space.

Applications will open for Space Bums candidates for space flight. These will be reviewed by the Space Bums teams. A selection of the best applications will be chosen and the community will vote on the winner.

The ticket will go to the runner up Space Bums

The terms for space flight are on the Virgin Galactic website. While Space Bums Company is paying for your ticket, it bears no other responsibility for your trip to space.

Yes, as the owner of your Space Bums NFT, you have commercial rights to your Space Bum. Space Bums Company maintains the rights of the brand, trademark, and other IP of the organization.

Yes. A 2.5% royalty will be taken on secondary sales to help finance the long term growth of the project and future community events.






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